100 Years of the Bauhaus, 15 years of Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond. 

As of January 2020, we will no longer be accepting dues. Future automatic payments have already been turned off for all members.  Its been a great run, and we had decided to wind down our activities as we have not been able to find replacements for some of our board members. Now,  due to current events including Covid-19, we have suspended all tour and party activities because we can no longer do the types of events that we enjoyed so much. 

We plan to keep the website up and running as it has a wealth of information documented on it.  It does costs money and time to maintain the website, and the residual funds we have left in the treasury will be enough to pay the costs of the server hosting, the domain name, etc.

A little history: For 15 years, Joe Kunkel, Joan and Gary Gand have been the driving force behind Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond. The three founders wanted to promote, educate, and appreciate Mid-Century modernism in the Chicago area. Our stunning logo was created by renowned graphic designer Alan Porter, a founding member. Our treasurer, Kathy Deane, has done a stellar job keeping track of our finances. In recent years, Lou Zucaro and Randi Merel stepped up and joined in the planning and production of our events. Elizabeth Boaden has maintained our membership database.  So many others who have helped plan and coordinated events, shared their homes, and contributed in so many ways. We have reached the time where all these loyal volunteers are ready to move on to other projects, and although we have asked for help, no one is interested in taking the reigns. So we are ending on a high note after a fantastic 15th year of events and the final in our series of Holiday Pot-Luck Cocktail parties. 

Thank-you for your past support, and it was a fantastic experience meeting you all through our shared passion of Mid-Century design. Keep Modernism alive in the 21st century and Beyond….

-Joan Gand, Joe Kunkel, Gary Gand, Kathy Deane, Lou Zucaro, and Randi Merel