Sunday July 30th, 2017
1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
471 East Oxford Road
North Barrington

CBB members and guests were invited to this Sunday event at a very special home designed by Dennis Blair.

Completed in 1966, the home faces south over Honey Lake in North Barrington’s Biltmore subdivision – home to quite a few lovely examples of modern architecture by Blair, James Dresser, Milton Schwartz and others.

While Blair designed quite a few homes in the Barrington area and even in the Biltmore subdivision, this one is unique both in terms of its style and its size. The original home  measured over 3,000 square feet, and was designed to provide its occupants with almost total privacy from the street.

On the back, however, it’s a different story: The look-through entryway connects the three stories at the east end with the two stories to the west, with the entire south side of the home in glass to take advantage of passive solar and treat owners and guests alike to the gorgeous views of the many mature trees surrounding the home and, of course, the lake.

Expanded twice by the home’s two previous owners, both additions followed the same general forms, geometry and materials as the original home, resulting in a residence of over 6,000sf. The current owners have updated a number of spaces and added to the home’s already wonderful outdoor spaces. 

We spent an afternoon mingling with fellow CBB members and enjoyed this home’s delightful architecture and the many surprises it holds from room to room!

Please note this amazing home is currently for sale. To see the listing, click here, or visit the Modern Illinois website for more on the home.