June 27, 2004

Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond hosted a fantastic day of tours and social time together with members and guests on June 27, 2004! We toured two spectacular modernist 1950s houses: the Ford house by Bruce Goff, and the Farnsworth house by Mies van der Rohe. We are very grateful to the homeowner of the Ford house for allowing us to see this rare and captivating example of organic modernist architecture. We also thank the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois and the National Trust for saving the Farnsworth house and opening it to us and the public for guided tours. The chance to see, in one day, two amazing houses of completely different styles yet both within the realm of modernism was phenomenal. We also enjoyed lunch as a group and had fun socializing and sharing our interests in modern design and architecture. Below are some photos from our tours (click any photo for a larger view):