September 24, 2016

Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond hosted a fantastic tour of Eero Saarinen, Perkins Will and Wheeler’s Crow Island elementary school today in Winnetka, IL. Susan Saarinen, Landscape Architect and daughter of Eero Saarinen and grand-daughter of Eliel Saarinen, was one of our guest speakers, offering insights to her “who’s who” incredible family’s history and the design processes. What an awesome treat!!! We also heard great info from Laura Peterson, editor of the second edition of the AIA Guide to Chicago. CBB member Susan Benjamin, architectural historian, told us about the process of documenting the design history. Attendees got postcards and a booklet about the school. School teachers and administrators showed us all around the school and it’s incredible how much they value the atchitecture of their school. They even teach an architecture class to 2nd graders, and have a huge display down a main hallway which describes why their building is special. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places. They also have the original jungle gym! Thanks to all our guest speakers, hosts, and organizers including Joan Gand and Randi Merel!