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Photo of Richard Schultz

Richard Schultz

Furniture Designer


Richard Schultz has been designed quintessentially modern outdoor furniture for over half a century. Working for Knoll in the early 60’s, Schultz was hired to assist Bertoia in developing an outdoor furniture collection. By 1963, the first Schultz design was released in conjunction with the Bertoia collection. Schultz designed the Petal table to accompany Bertoia chairs. Very soon, Schultz was producing his own furniture and setting the trends.

Schultz is most famous for his 1966 collection – outdoor chaise lounges, chairs and tables that set the tone for modernism by the pool. These are sought-after collector’s items today, and often appear in period and new photos, especially “by the pool.”

Ten years ago, Schultz launched his own company with his son, Peter, reissuing his Knoll classics, plus new designs.

When in Chicago for a talk at the Elmhurst Art Museum, (June, 2006) Schultz spoke fondly of his years in Chicago at the Institute of Design. He said that the school “changed his life” and “taught him how to be a creative person.” He fondly recalled spending his lunch hours at Baldwin-Kingrey, the seminal modern furniture retail store opened in Chicago in 1947 by architect Harry Weese, his wife Kitty Baldwin, and their partner Jody Kingrey. Schultz said that upon graduating, he applied at Knoll, and was immediately hired because of his education at the Institute of Design.

Schultz was a classmate at the Institute of Design with Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond founding member Allen Porter, who attended the lecture and renewed his friendship with Schultz.

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