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Photo of Eugene Deutch

Eugene Deutch



Eugene Deutch was born in Budapest in 1904. As a teenager, he would learn the trades of carpentry, cabinetmaking and woodcarving. In 1923, he relocated to France to work as a carpenter, and while in Paris, took classes in various handicrafts including ceramics. In 1927, he moved to Chicago to join his brother Alfred, who had a business specializing in hand-crafted items such as ceramics, wood inlays and painted fabrics.

Deutch opened his first studio on Kilbourn Street in Chicago, moving just a year later to 923 N LaSalle St. Deutch felt it important that works be handcrafted by the artist, rather than machine made.

Along with his brother Stephen, a photographer, who also came to Chicago after the death of Alfred, Deutch taught at various locations such as Hull House Kilns and the Lewis Institute.

Deutch’s work has been exhibited at the Illinois State Museum in 1943, in a solo show at the Dallas Museum of Art in 1948, at the University of Chicago’s Renaissance Society in 1953 and in a retrospective in 1959 after his death at the Art Institute in 1959. The University of Chicago’s Smart Museum currently owns Deutch’s work, along with the Dallas Museum of Art, the Milwaukee Museum of Art, the Chicago History Museum and the Racine Art Museum.

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