Chicago Bauhaus & Beyond is a non-profit organization which celebrates and promotes 20th century modern architecture and design. Members encompass a diverse group of collectors, dealers, architects, designers, curators and enthusiasts. The group formed in 2004 in response to the need for a forum in which to gather information and communicate about architecture and design from the vastly creative 20th century modernist era, roughly 1930s-1970s. Beginning with the migration of the famed German Bauhaus school to Chicago, first as the New Bauhaus and later as the Institute of Design, and continuing through the evolution of modernism in the prolific post-WWII era and beyond, the group hosts social events, educational seminars and tours relating to modern aesthetics and design concepts, product design, graphic design, arts, crafts and architecture.

Topics the group covers include:

  • Preservation through appreciation

For more details on Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond, please contact: Joe Kunkel
joe@jetsetmodern.com or (T) 312-371-0986